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Engage in a personal conversation with Linda about how to stay challenged at every level of top performance while being completely yourself.

Discover the growth opportunities Linda sees for you to make both your personal and business breakthrough.

Gain clarity on how you can translate your value, knowledge, and wisdom into successful results.

Find out if there’s a connection and if coaching with Linda is a good fit for you.

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Are an established entrepreneur with a thriving business.

You are goal-oriented and willing to do whatever it takes.

Feel that you’re not currently maximizing your potential in yourself, your life, and your business.

Don’t know how to detach yourself from the organization without losing control and connection with others.

Are open to coaching.

During the call with Linda, you will both assess whether there’s a personal and philosophical alignment with Inline Leadership’s principles. Please schedule your business call below. Once you’ve chosen a time slot, we’ll ask you a few more questions to get to know you better.

You are one choice away from a free and successful life!

Inline Leadership Saskia Giesbers

I now have time for the people and activities that are important to me,

From the ‘Inline Leadership’ philosophy, Linda has helped me align more with myself and my business

I now have time for the people and activities that are important to me, instead of being constantly busy.

Saskia Giesbers

Choreographer in Information Management

Inline Leadership Theo van de Kamp

‘We have grown, and the roles within the team are very clear.’

I experience more peace in my body; I know who I am as the leader of my company, what my role is, and the roles within the team are very clear.

We have grown from four to ten employees, now have three dedicated teams, and have developed a consistent approach. It works.

Theo van de Kamp

Digital branding bureau

Inline Leadership Carina van Reeven

‘I am now a leading name in my market.’

I have simplified my offering, which has allowed me to confidently gain five premium top clients in a short time.

I now have peace of mind and a good work-life balance. I am now a leading name in my market, with a thriving business and business relationships I enjoy working with.

Carina van Reeven

Shared service center specialist

Inliners speak about what the choice to live and work from within Inline Leadership has brought them!

‘That flow… oh, it’s so enjoyable! I wish that for everyone.’

Linda Lex Margot Freericks

I hit a roadblock as an entrepreneur.

I already knew Linda. A beautiful person, a beautiful company, and a beautiful vision. YES! I want to work with you as my coach to see if I can climb out of this rut. In the past few months, so much has happened!

My restlessness found no fertile ground anymore. My network continued to grow. Opportunities came to me effortlessly, and I could make my choices and stand behind them 100%. I can take my peace and take the time to do nothing. Without guilt. Thanks in part to her, I am embarking on an amazing new challenge, and I’m sure this is just the beginning.

That flow… oh, it’s so enjoyable! I wish that for everyone… when you’re ready for it. Coaching by Linda Lex – Inline Leadership: it’s truly worth your time and attention. DO IT!

Margot Freericks

HR manager Avantor

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Discover in a personal conversation with Linda how you can create a free and successful life and a high-impact business through Inline Leadership.

‘Linda has opened my eyes. Away from thinking and acting small.’

I had been hesitating for two years to be coached by Linda, simply because I wasn’t ready for the breakthrough.

Now, in hindsight, I regret my doubts because during all the coaching sessions, Linda opened my eyes. She helped me reconnect with my core, my strength, and my passion. Standing up for who I am and my mission. Away from thinking and acting small.

Linda has truly empowered me, and this is noticeable in every aspect of my life. aking leadership, it sounds so beautiful, but it’s so challenging. But with Linda by your side, you gain control over your own life.

This recommendation comes straight from my heart. I am so glad I took the step to invest in myself and my business. Thank you, Linda!

Claudia Vesters, Hormone Therapist