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Linda Lex

Discover in a personal conversation with me the opportunities I see for you to create a free and successful life with impact.

Attain Personal Mastery • Develop Powerful Leadership • Create a High-Value Business with Impact • Attain Personal Mastery

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Extremely driven

Shamelessly enjoying a business that no longer revolves around you

You are extremely driven, a smart thinker with ambitions higher than most people around you. You’ve taken your business to the top with passion and dedication. Others admire you for the successes you’ve achieved.

But… when you look at your level of happiness, satisfaction, and free time, you experience a sense of restlessness and frustration.

With all your experience, drive, and hours invested, shouldn’t you be experiencing much more peace, freedom, and satisfaction by now? So you can shamelessly enjoy what you’ve built over the years.

You work harder than you’d like, constantly running short on time, and despite excellent results, you constantly feel like you’re falling short for everyone and everything. This is not the intention.

Linda Lex High value business

Deep down, you know that life has more in store for you.

“But things are going well, right?”

If you look at it realistically, you have nothing to complain about. You often feel misunderstood by your surroundings and play small because you don’t want to hurt, disappoint, or outshine others.

You know that you will have to face and conquer this challenge with yourself sooner or later!

The only question is: How?

I will help you create your new playing field, where you will be challenged again and your energy can flow freely, allowing you to maximize your talents, expertise, and creativity and turn them into the desired result.

Fully in line with who you are and what you are meant to do! You are just one choice away from your Next Level in Life & Business.

Linda Lex High value business

In minimal time

Entrepreneurship through Inline Leadership

The choice to live and work from Inline Leadership is a smart and logical choice for passionate entrepreneurs who desire more relaxation, freedom, challenge, and progress. Those who set high standards and want to get the best out of themselves, their lives, and their businesses.

You will be sharpened, brought back to the core time and time again – in line with yourself – and challenged to think bigger and differently. You regain control and guidance, valuable insights, knowledge, practical tools, and a smart strategy that aligns perfectly with you and your business.

Everything necessary for creating a simple, high-quality, and scalable enterprise with significantly higher profitability results. In minimal time.

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You have your business to create the life that makes you happy.

Inline leadership genius mentorship<br />

Become a master of yourself

Genius Mentorship

Genius is an exclusive mentorship program for seasoned entrepreneurs and CEOs with mature challenges and a high level of ambition. You will receive my personal coaching and support, as well as access to a network of experienced and successful like-minded entrepreneurs.

This high-quality coaching program focuses on creating a powerful breakthrough towards your ideal life and a successful “inline” business with impact, allowing you to continue growing, performing, and excelling at every level of top-tier success while remaining true to yourself.

Attain Personal Mastery; gain insight, control, and direction over the quality of your thinking, enabling you to redefine and shape your life and business from a powerful and timeless foundation.

Develop Powerful Leadership; Stay true to yourself while connecting with others. Expand your space, freedom, and influence so you can work entirely on your own terms and become a source of inspiration to others. All while running a successful business!

Be passionately detached; separate yourself from the organization, creating enough time and space for your genius and creativity to flourish, allowing you to make the right choices from a place of calm, confidence, and clarity. With a clear Vision for Results.

Operate within a High-Quality context; create an environment in which both you, your relationships, and your business can continue to grow, perform, and excel at each subsequent level of top-tier success.

Live and work to the fullest from your Zone of Genius; tap boundlessly into the experience, value, and wisdom within you. This way, you can maximize your contribution, create space for others’ growth, and share in your own success!

I am completely in my power and make choices in line with who I am.

I am completely in my power and make choices in line with who I am. Linda’s loving attention, with an occasional proverbial ‘kick in the butt,’ helps you grow and successfully achieve your goals.

Hester van Rooijen | Leadership and organizational coach

I have become much more relaxed, and my income has doubled!

Linda is an experienced business coach and a great sounding board who ensures your personal development while enabling you to successfully work ON the growth of your business.

Yvonne Lagewaard | Brand expert

Thanks to Linda, I have grown into an entrepreneur with a High Value approach.

I am now able to lead myself to powerful choices with focus, commitment, and integrity.

Claudia Laarhuis, HR businesspartner

Through the coaching program at Inline Leadership, I’ve achieved a much better balance between my personal and professional life, leading to increased peace of mind. And from that peace, I’ve become a much better performer in my business. Our profit margin has doubled fivefold.

Rico Versteeg | High end Marketing agency

Linda confronts, advises, supports, and encourages with one goal in mind: to help me excel, knowing that my growth path is infinite.

John van der stap | Agile enterprise architect

The coaching has led to a much-improved positioning of myself as an entrepreneur. I have made significant leaps in growth, and the beauty is that Linda’s words still resonate in my mind. So, the growth continues.

Sandra Djukanovic-Wolbers | Vital Leadership Coach

I truly see it as a “gift” that every entrepreneur should grant themselves if they want to elevate their business to a higher level.

Sharon Streuper, Luxe Interior company

Living and working from Inline Leadership

is not for everyone…

Choosing to operate from Inline Leadership requires a significant amount of self-reflection, trust, courage, and perseverance. You must be able to carry it!

This is not for entrepreneurs who endlessly dream, wish, and long for better but are not willing and able to truly engage in the transformation process.

The Genius Mentorship is ideal for you if you are 100% committed to creating a personal and business breakthrough. And if you look forward to living and working inline with your true purpose at the highest level.

Who qualifies for a spot in the Genius Mentorship?

You are a seasoned entrepreneur (minimum 5 years of experience) facing mature challenges and ready for your next level in life and business.

You are capable of making quick decisions and courageous choices.

You are willing to critically examine yourself and do what is necessary.

You desire more peace, freedom, and satisfaction in your life and business.

You are in need of a mentor and strategic business partner with whom you can quickly collaborate, who understands you, and with whom you can shamelessly share your dreams and ambitions.

I put you on edge

Premium coaching

During the Genius Mentorship, I serve as your critical and equal business and sparring partner. My aim is to understand you, brainstorm with you, challenge you, and push you to your limits, unlocking new opportunities and possibilities.

With my creative and visionary perspective, I possess the ability to simplify complex matters, providing clarity once more.

This way, you’ll regain a sense of overview, understand who you need to become, and what actions you need to take to move forward in the right direction.

I assist you in your journey towards Personal Mastery, the development of your Leadership, and the creation of a high-quality business that aligns with your needs!