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‘It’s wonderful to be confronted by her.’

Linda Lex Sharon Streuper

Sometimes, in your own business, you find yourself going in circles and completely losing sight of the bigger picture. Through a recommendation from another entrepreneur, I found my way to Linda Lex.

I find Linda a very pleasant person to talk to and have around! It’s wonderful to be confronted by her and gain insight into your own (unhelpful) ways of thinking and doing.

She provides you with the right tools and teaches you to look at your business in a different way.

The past year was challenging on multiple fronts, but I’m grateful for the time I allowed myself to work on this. It’s a confronting process, but in the end, it leads to a very clear and purposeful result.

I truly see it as a “gift” that every entrepreneur should grant themselves if they want to elevate their business to a higher level.

Sharon Streuper, Luxury Interior Business

Wilfried Polman | Facilitair Business Partner

‘Linda is not only a great coach but also an inspiring example and leader for me.’

Inline Leadership Wilfried Polman

Linda is a pleasant and honest person who asks the right questions. Sometimes, it can be confronting, but Linda always does it with respect for others. She brings rich entrepreneurial experience and valuable life experience to the table. I appreciate that she sometimes dares to show her own vulnerability, sharing lessons she has learned.

For me, Linda is not just a great coach; she’s also an inspiring example and leader. Initially, I was somewhat intimidated by the concept of High Value Entrepreneurship. Isn’t it all about money, I thought.

Now I know it’s mainly about you as an individual, the potential within you, and the value you can bring to others.

‘I have grown tremendously, and it reflects in every aspect of me as an entrepreneur.’

Through the coaching process at Inline Leadership, I experience more peace in my body. I know who I am as the leader of my company, and I understand my role, as well as the roles within the team, very clearly.

We have grown from four to ten employees, now have three dedicated teams, and have developed a consistent approach. It works.

I know the steps I need to take to continue being successful, live in line with who I am, and prioritize my self-worth.

Theo, Digital Branding Agency

Become a master of yourself

Genius Mentorship

Genius is an exclusive and high-quality mentorship program for driven entrepreneurs who want to go all-in so they can continuously excel at the top level.

Gain insight, clarity, and sharpness into who you are, your maximum potential, and your purpose.

Become mentally stronger and break free from what you’ve been holding onto for too long. Bid farewell to what no longer serves you.

Create time and space to work on yourself, your relationships, and the successful growth of your business with tranquility and joy.

Learn to stay true to yourself while connecting with others. Become an inspiring and powerful leader, capable of guiding others in your growth journey.

Receive my personal coaching and support at the highest level and tap into a valuable network of experienced entrepreneurs who, like you, strive for the very best results.

You qualify for the Genius Mentorship if:

You are an established entrepreneur with a thriving business.

You have the drive to extract the utmost from yourself, life, and your business, and you’re willing to invest seriously in this endeavor.

You want a business that can operate without your (constant) presence.

You are curious and eager to learn, willing and able to do what it takes to achieve your desired results.

You yearn for more freedom, purpose, and fulfillment, along with a healthy balance and more quality time for yourself and those around you.

You appreciate the joys of life and enjoy Serious Business with fun!

‘I am back in charge of my own life and business.’

I had been hesitating for two years to be coached by Linda, simply because I wasn’t ready for the breakthrough.

Now, in hindsight, I regret my doubts because during all the coaching sessions, Linda opened my eyes. She helped me reconnect with my core, my strength, and my passion. Standing up for who I am and my mission. Away from thinking and acting small.

Linda has truly empowered me, and this is noticeable in every aspect of my life. aking leadership, it sounds so beautiful, but it’s so challenging. But with Linda by your side, you gain control over your own life.

This recommendation comes straight from my heart. I am so glad I took the step to invest in myself and my business. Thank you, Linda!

Claudia Vesters, Hormone Therapist

Linda Lex Claudia Vesters

‘Our profit margin has increased fivefold.’

Through the coaching program at Inline Leadership, I’ve achieved a much better balance between my personal and professional life, leading to increased peace of mind. And from that peace, I’ve become a much better performer in my business.

Currently, I’m working more ON my business, ensuring that everyone on the team reaches their maximum potential. I also approach sales conversations with much more confidence because I know the value we have to offer.

How do I see the future? I now have all the tools to become an inspiring leader and a market leader in our industry.

Rico Versteeg, High End Marketingbureau

Inline Leadership David van der Stoep

By asking sharp questions, I figured out that I had some personal work to do first.

Linda is an amazing coach! When I first met her, I had an idea of what I wanted to do as an entrepreneur.

By asking sharp questions, I realized that I had some personal work to do before I could truly become successful in my dream (Personal Mastery).

I now have a very clear understanding of my niche and how I can add significant value to the people around me.

If you want to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur and you’re not afraid of asking tough questions, I would highly recommend reaching out to Linda!

David van der Stoep
Senior Test Consultant

Inline Leadership John van der Stap

‘Linda heeft mij laten excelleren, in de wetenschap dat mijn groeipad oneindig is.’

Linda is a wonderful person and an exceptional business coach who doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. She tailors her ‘Inline Leadership’ method to the individual she’s coaching, recognizing that each person is unique and the approach needs to adapt accordingly.

She has helped me find both the person behind the business and the business behind the person.

I now know who I am and what I stand for, which has made my business align from the inside out.

I wholeheartedly recommend Linda to entrepreneurs who truly want to make changes for themselves and their businesses and are willing to put in the work.

John van der Stap
Agile enterprise architect

‘All entrepreneurial skills that I quickly acquired with Linda.’

Hester van Rooijen | Leadership and Organizational Coach

When I started working with Linda, I encountered the challenge of being a subject matter expert but not yet an entrepreneur, and I was earning far too little for the work I was doing.

I immediately clicked with Linda. Learning how to be an entrepreneur, continuously taking steps forward, setting and achieving goals, but most importantly, having the courage to stand in my power and make choices in line with who I am, and charging rates that align with the work I do—these are all entrepreneurial skills that I rapidly acquired with Linda’s guidance.

I am confident that if I had continued on my own, I would not be where I am now, both as an individual and with my business. Her loving attention, occasionally providing a metaphorical “kick in the butt,” helps you grow and achieve your goals.

Even more importantly, she empowers you to draw from within yourself, even when she’s not there. After a year of collaboration, I am extremely proud of the results I have achieved thanks to my journey with Linda. It’s more than worth the investment.

Hester van Rooijen | Leadership and organizational coach

If you want to make a difference, you must dare to be the difference.

Inline Leadership Margot Freericks

‘That flow… people, it’s so fantastic! I wish that for everyone… when you’re ready for it.’

I was stuck as an entrepreneur, still believing that I was a very good professional, but I wasn’t making any progress. I felt stagnant,

I already knew Linda. A beautiful person, a beautiful company, and a beautiful vision. YES! I want to work with you as my coach to see if I can climb out of this rut. In the past few months, so much has happened!

My panic no longer found fertile ground. My network continued to grow, Opportunities come to me effortlessly, and I can make my choices and stand behind them 100%, I can take my peace and take the time to do nothing. without guilt. Thanks in part to her, I am embarking on an amazing new challenge, and I’m sure this is just the beginning.

That flow… oh, it’s so enjoyable! I wish that for everyone… when you’re ready for it. Coaching by Linda Lex – Inline Leadership: it’s truly worth your time and attention. DO IT!

Margot Freericks

HR manager Avanto

Inline Leadership Saskia Giesbers

‘Linda consistently knows how to pinpoint a spot that you didn’t even know was hurting.’

Through her ‘Inline Leadership’ philosophy,

Linda has helped me align more with myself and my business.

I now have time for the people and activities that I value, instead of being constantly busy.

I’ve learned how to assist employees and teams in aligning more with their organization’s core values.

I highly recommend Linda. If you want to break free from habits that no longer serve you and your clients, then her program is a great fit for you.

Saskia Giesbers

Choreographer in Information Management

Discover the power of Inline Leadership

Discover the power of Inline Leadership

Linda Lex