2-day live event

Genius Mastermind

For entrepreneurs who want to free themselves without compromising their relationships and the successful growth of their business.

In the two-day Genius Mastermind, you will discover how to successfully achieve the three pillars of Inline Leadership:

Attain Strong Personal Mastery so that you can once again give direction and guidance to your life and business.

Develop Powerful Leadership and expand your space, freedom, and influence.

Choose your Genius Playing Field, where you can fully shine and play the game smartly with the greatest ease, more satisfaction, and the very best results.

The Genius Mastermind connects seasoned entrepreneurs and CEOs with each other.

Intelligent and quick thinkers who want to be challenged on an intellectual level.

It’s a high-quality environment where you can be completely yourself, quickly get to the core, unabashedly share your ambitions, and have enough room for exchanging ideas, learning from each other, and brainstorming about mature issues and surprising insights.

We won’t tell you:

How to build a successful business because you already have one.

How to create financial freedom because it already exists.

We do invite you:

To go back to the core – fully in line with yourself – to be challenged to make the right choices from the timeless foundation of Personal Mastery.

To think and act bigger and differently for the development of Powerful Leadership.

To choose the right playing field where you can fully shine and play the game smart and effectively. For more peace, freedom, and satisfaction.

The two-day Genius Mastermind is scheduled for 2024. The date has not yet been announced.

A significant number of spots for the Mastermind are reserved for our Genius clients. Only a few spots are available for interested entrepreneurs and CEOs who also want to play the game at the highest level.

Is this you? Then the Genius Mastermind is the place for you.

You have your business to create the life that makes you happy.


Don’t you want… to work less and experience more freedom, joy, and satisfaction?

We have created the Genius Mastermind especially for you if you are an experienced entrepreneur and deep down, you know you are not focusing on the right things and working way too hard.

You feel guilty and experience a lack of Quality Time for yourself, your family, and your friends.

You miss the feeling of freedom and satisfaction because you’re not doing what truly makes you happy. You’ve outgrown your current playing field.

You want to detach from the organization, work less and flexibly, but it’s not working because you’ve made yourself indispensable.

The Genius Mastermind invites you to make courageous choices and break free from your gilded cage. For a free and successful life and a high-impact, high-quality business!

You enter with unrest in your mind and body and leave clear and relaxed…

As a Master of Yourself.

Linda Lex Word een Meester van jezelf

Become a Master of Yourself

You’ve taken the first steps to create more peace and freedom in your life, but you still haven’t made the breakthrough. You sense that it’s time to work on yourself and make real changes.

Are you also tired of…

Juggling too many things and still working IN your business?

Feeling like people around you constantly expect something from you?

Coming home to your family but not really being present with your mind?

Not being in control of your own schedule and life?

We understand.

There’s something better possible for you!

Live and work from Inline Leadership.


‘You’ve given me my friend back.’

I was silent. I was truly moved by this statement. What an invaluable beautiful result after an intensive collaboration with a highly driven entrepreneur with a successful business.

How amazing is it when, after a year of intensive 1-on-1 coaching, you hear from a good friend that the CEO, visionary, strategist, and ultimate responsible party behind this success is experiencing much more peace, joy, and satisfaction, and genuinely radiating it.

That after years of working intensely IN his business, he is finally making time and attention for ‘me-time,’ quality time with family and friends.

And allowing himself to pause and enjoy all the beauty life has to offer, instead of working tirelessly day and night with blinders on, risking losing the connection with himself and others.

‘Linda, I’ve got my friend back! We’re having fun again. Exercising and brainstorming together about our grand dreams, relationships, life… and yes, of course, about our business too! After all, we’re entrepreneurs… 😉 He exudes peace, strength, confidence, and certainty. In a beautiful, high-quality way. I want that too!’

This is what Inline Leadership stands for. We help passionate, successful entrepreneurs get back in line to live and work as they were meant to. So they can elevate their lives and businesses to a higher level in a smart and relaxed way.

Do you want this too?

How would it be for you to free yourself, without compromising your relationships and the successful growth of your business?

Shamelessly enjoying a business that no longer revolves around you

What to expect

Experience the liberating power of living and working from Inline Leadership in two days.

In the two-day Genius Mastermind, you can expect the following:

Two completely hassle-free days in a high-quality atmosphere where you regain clarity, insight, and focus on what matters most to you.

You will be challenged in your growth in Personal Mastery, breaking free from what has been holding you back for far too long.

You will gain insight into where you, as a leader, can still grow and profit, allowing you to make mature choices. So you can once again provide direction, guidance, and fulfillment to your life and business with peace and confidence.

You will discover how to create more freedom and space in your life without compromising your relationships and the quality of your business.

You will have a clear understanding of how to fully embrace your value and transform your experience, wisdom, and value into the desired result.

You will learn the secrets of living and working from Inline Leadership, enabling you to do what you truly need to do and take others along on your journey of growth.

Last but not least… good food, good mood & lot’s of fun!

‘I have taken more steps in the past six months

than in the past 10 years.’

Inline Leadership Tim Merkus

Last year, I saw one of my best buddies undergo an incredibly positive transformation after working with Linda. He’s now so relaxed and in control.

After he took me to a Genius Mastermind once, and I had an introductory conversation with Linda, I made the decision that I also want to work with Linda.

We’ve had many intensive and sometimes confronting conversations since then, but I feel like I’ve taken more steps in the past six months than in the past 10 years.

Tim Merkus, Owner of PTP IT Distribution B.V.

Who qualifies for a spot in the Genius Mastermind?

You are an experienced entrepreneur with a thriving business.

You are capable of making (courageous) decisions quickly.

You are willing to critically examine yourself and do what’s necessary.

You long for more peace, freedom, and satisfaction in your life and business.

You want a business that can operate without your (constant) presence.

You want to surround yourself with an exclusive group of entrepreneurs with whom you can connect, who understand you, and with whom you can share your mastermind.

Linda Lex Genius Mastermind Live event
Linda Lex Ondernemers
Linda Lex GM Meer rust en vrijheid
Linda Lex Amerongen
Linn Willemsen Genius Mastermind Amerongen
Linn Willemsen Linda Lex Genius Mastermind Amerongen

This is not for entrepreneurs who…

…think they can buy the solution in two days. Personal Mastery and Powerful Leadership need to be developed, trained, and internalized. This takes time, value, and attention.

…only consume and are not willing to share their experiences, knowledge, and wisdom with other entrepreneurs. The power of Masterminding lies in genuine connection.

…are in business solely for self-enrichment. We only work with entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in their environment and contribute value through their business.

…settle for what presents itself. The mastermind is for open-minded individuals who know that there is more possible and are open to being surprised and enriched by a new perspective.

…want to be coached but are not open to sharp feedback and challenging questions. They are not willing and able to truly engage in the transformation process.

Inline Leadership Theo van de Kamp

‘I have grown tremendously, and it reflects in every aspect of me as an entrepreneur.’

Through the coaching process at Inline Leadership, I experience more peace in my body. I know who I am as the leader of my company, and I understand my role, as well as the roles within the team, very clearly.

We have grown from four to ten employees, now have three dedicated teams, and have developed a consistent approach. It works.

I know the steps I need to take to continue being successful, live in line with who I am, and prioritize my self-worth.

Theo van de Kamp
Owner of Digital Branding Bureau

Inline Leadership Sharon Streuper

‘I have fallen in love with my business again and elevated it to a higher level.’

I find Linda a very pleasant person to talk to and have around!

It’s wonderful to be confronted by her and gain insight into your own way of thinking and acting.

She provides you with the right tools and teaches you to look at yourself and your business in a different way.

I truly see it as a “gift” that every entrepreneur should grant themselves if they want to elevate their business to a higher level.

Sharon Streuper
Owner of Maison Sucre, Designer of Luxury Interiors

Inline Leadership Carina van Reeven

‘I am now a leading name in my market.’

Thanks to Linda, I have become much more aware of my core, what I excel at, and what I want with my business.

I have simplified my offering, which has allowed me to confidently gain five premium clients in a short time.

I now experience peace in my mind and body, a good work-life balance, and I am now a leading name in my market. I have a thriving business and enjoy working with my business relationships.

Carina van Reeven
Shared Service Center Specialist

About Linda Lex

More peace, freedom, and satisfaction

Linda Lex powerful leadership

For over 20 years, I ran a successful Italian specialty restaurant with my husband. To the outside world, it all looked fantastic. However, I was making many compromises.

We had a complex and labor-intensive business with a large team and high costs. Due to the hard work IN the business, I had hardly any time for myself and my family.

I was caught in a rat race and didn’t know how to escape it. Despite enjoying working in the restaurant industry, it no longer brought me joy and satisfaction. I had so much more to offer.

My task was complete!

The courageous decision to step away from the family business and follow my heart changed everything. For myself, my family, and my relationships.

These days, I work with a fantastic team, a simple business model, and I can make a much greater impact on my environment. I thoroughly enjoy my evenings and weekends and quality time with my family.

I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs become Masters of Themselves, allowing them to elevate the quality of their lives and businesses in a relaxed manner, experiencing much more peace, freedom, and satisfaction.

Inline Leadership Margot Freericks

‘Opportunities come to me effortlessly.’

As an entrepreneur, I was stuck. I felt stagnant, and uncertainty and doubt began to creep in.

I already knew Linda. A beautiful person, a beautiful company, and a beautiful vision. But was she the solution to my challenges? Yes!

Thanks to Linda, my fears no longer had fertile ground. My network continued to grow, and opportunities started coming naturally. I can make my choices and stand behind them 100%.

That flow…oh, it’s so enjoyable! I wish that for everyone, when you’re ready for it. Coaching by Linda Lex: it’s truly worth your time and attention.

Margo Freericks
HR Manager at Avantor

Inline Leadership Rico Versteeg

‘Our profit margin has doubled fivefold.’

Through the coaching program at Inline Leadership, I’ve achieved a much better balance between my personal and professional life, leading to increased peace of mind. And from that peace, I’ve become a much better performer in my business.

Currently, I’m working more ON my business, ensuring that everyone on the team reaches their maximum potential. I also approach sales conversations with much more confidence because I know the value we have to offer.

How do I see the future? I now have all the tools to become an inspiring leader and a market leader in our industry.

Rico Versteeg
Owner of High End Marketing Agency

Inline Leadership Wilfried Polman

‘Linda is not only a great coach but also an inspiring example and leader for me.’

Linda brings a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur, coupled with valuable life experience. I appreciate that she sometimes dares to show her own vulnerability, sharing lessons she has learned.

Initially, I was somewhat intimidated by the concept of High Value Entrepreneurship. Isn’t it all about money, I thought.

Now I know it’s mainly about you as an individual, the potential within you, and the value you can bring to others.

Wilfried Polman
Facility Business Partner

The two-day Genius Mastermind takes place at the beautiful venue: Buitenplaats Amerongen.

Mastermind details

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t listed here, please feel free to contact us.

What is Inline Leadership?

Inline Leadership is the unique way of living and thinking for driven entrepreneurs who want to reorient, steer, and fulfill their lives and take their businesses to the top level, all from a timeless and powerful foundation.

Read more about the fundamental principles and the history of Inline Leadership here.

What industries do the entrepreneurs come from?

The entrepreneurs attending the Genius Mastermind are top-level leaders and successors.

They include CEOs of medium-sized SMEs with up to 100 employees from various sectors, including IT, transportation, cleaning, retail, construction, logistics, interior design, business services, and trading companies.

Additionally, experienced knowledge entrepreneurs are present, specializing in areas such as business services, marketing and communication, business consultancy, legal matters, high-performance coaching, crisis anthropology, enterprise architecture, and information management.

What does the two-day event look like?

During the two-day Genius Mastermind, you will be fully taken care of at a fantastic location. You won’t have to think about anything other than yourself and your ambitions for a while.

We start both days at 09:30 and end at 16:30. During this time, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking, in-depth discussions, and working on yourself and the future of your business.

Delicious food will be provided, cluding lunch on both days, an exclusive dinner on day 1, and a closing reception on day 2.

    After registration, we will inquire about any dietary preferences, which we will gladly accommodate.

    Good to know… we will be in the beautiful surroundings of Buitenplaats Amerongen, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk during breaks.

    How many people participate in the Mastermind?

    We are committed to exclusive quality, high value, and genuine attention. Therefore, there are a maximum of 25 spots available for the Genius Mastermind.

    Linda Lex Linn Willemsen Meester van mijzelf

    I am a master of myself
    It’s developing within me
    It’s getting better
    I will succeed

    Linda Lex is the creator and founder of the unique and proven leadership method, Inline Leadership.

    Linda Lex